9 Amazing Safety First Baby Gates 2022 [Editor’s Review]


Once your kid starts crawling, deliberately placed safety-first gates can make your life a little easier. Safety first gates keep your Child safer by protecting him from potential dangers like stairs. You can also use these gates to keep your child and pet separated.

Safety first gates are usually designed for children between 6 months and two years.

Of age. Once a kid learns how to open a gate or climb over it, it should no longer be trusted as a safety device.

Finding and selecting the right safety-first baby gate is a confusing business. It is best to start researching baby gates before your baby is on the move. You can start this by assessing your home and your living habits. Each house is different, and there is a lot to consider before you spend your cash on buying a safety-first baby gate.

Buying Guide for Safety First Baby Gates:


Before buying a baby gate, you must consider the height of your Child. You must buy a bed at least three-quarters of your Child’s height for maximum safety.


You must also ensure that the gate you are buying has sturdy construction. You will find safety first baby gates of different materials in the market, including wood, plastic, aluminum, etc. You should buy it according to your baby’s nature and your home’s environment.

Locks and latches:

You must buy a safe first baby gate with a lock or latch with an indicator. It is necessary to ensure that your baby cannot easily open the gate’s lock. You must also check the durability of its lock.

In this article, a list of the best safety-first baby gates is given for your convenience. Let’s dive into it.

1. Regalo Easy-Step Walk-Through Gate

Regalo Easy-Step Walk-Through Gate

A baby gate is an important tool to protect your Child, and the Regalo easy step safety first baby gate is a safe and suitable way to do that. This gate hits all the criteria with an all-steel construction. It installs quickly by either pressure mount or wall mount. If you prefer extra security, it comes with optional hardware to mount to the wall.

It is an extra-wide gate. It can expand to fit openings between 29-34 and 35-38.5 inches wide. Its height is 30 inches tall.  It is easy to use and set up. Its pressure mount design is quick to set up. During Installation, you must remember that before Installation, there will be a gap between the gate latch and the frame, which is not a fault and is not bent. This gap will go away once installed.

It is highly adjustable. It includes a 6-inch wide extension kit and four pressure mount spindle rods. It is perfect for doorway, hallway, and bottom of stair use. You can quickly remove this gate out of the opening for trouble-free storage. You must be careful while cleaning this gate. Just wipe clean it. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or bleach for cleaning purposes. Its all-steel design is durable and convenient with a walkthrough door.  This gate is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards.

It offers maximum safety. It is equipped with multiple safety-lock, four wall cups for added security, and mounting hardware for safety purposes. This gate is perfect for children 6-24 months. You can use this gate for pets too. You can use it for medium to large dogs.

  • Includes multiple safety lock features
  • Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards
  • Reliable with All-steel design and walkthrough gate
  • Perfect for doorways, hallways, and bottom of stairs
  • Cost-Effective
  • Can be pressure or hardware mounted
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to open and close
  • Require proper maintenance
  • The bottom stability bar requires a step-over
  • Gate opening is slim
  • The latch can grind after a while

2. Toddler by the North States

North States Supergate is the top-rated safety-first baby gate. It was one of the best-reviewed baby gates on the market. It was recently renamed the Toddleroo. It is a tension gate. It requires no assembly. This gate is perfect for various spaces, including standard to large walkways and stairways. This gate is 30 inches tall and designed to fit room openings 24.5 inches to 40.55 inches wide.

It is built from long-lasting, kid-tough heavy-duty metal with vertical bars that are safe, secure, and difficult to climb.  It is safe for babies ages 6-24 months. The sturdy steel metal construction makes this gate durable and easy to use.

 It is a stylish and dependable safety-first baby gate. Its crisp white finish and elegant design will complement any home décor. This Baby Gate fits spaces 24.5″ to 40.55″. The included hardware provides safety between rooms or at the top of stairs. It is perfect for pets too.

This gate is very sturdy. This gate comes with secure hardware mounted lock that is easy to operate with one hand for all those times you’re walking through your home with a toddler on your hip. This gate opens effortlessly with a one-hand operation. The gate only swings in one direction to avoid the danger of swinging over stairs. When not in use, you can entirely remove the gate from the hardware mounts.

 It uses a smart locking mechanism with two settings – one that needs only lifting the gate to open it, and another that includes twisting the lock for extra security. It only takes a couple of minutes of practice to perfect a one-hand opening in both situations.

  • One-hand operation
  • Extra-wide door and no threshold
  • Safe & secure hardware mounts included
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Crisp white finish
  • Hard to climb barrier
  • Cost friendly
  • Some customers complain about its locking mechanism
  • Must be hard-mounted
  • Angles may not fit all openings
  • Trip bar

3. Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate (Farmhouse Collection)

Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate (Farmhouse Collection)

Evenflo brand has been a worldwide leader in developing innovative infant care and juvenile products. The Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru gate is the most famous safety-first baby gate due to its unique features. The Barn Door Walk-Thru Safety Gate provides the utmost protection a child needs and the look you’ll love.   It offers quick assembly, one-hand operation, color-coded closure, and a self-closing door.

 This gate swings either way and can lock in place to prevent accidental baby escapes or be left to swing both ways. Its door swings open in both directions with one hand and quietly auto-closes with a hinge that won’t startle the baby. With coffee in one hand, you can easily swing into action using the one-handed latch to open the gate.

It possesses outstanding safety features. It has a stair stepper. The stair stopper restricts the gate door from swinging out over steps at the top of the stairs. It’s Red and green color indicator will ensure that it’s locked properly. It produces a satisfying soft clunk sound when its self-closes. The gate is mostly composed of real wood and looks great with various interior designs. This gate will fit most average size doorways, and it stays put after you tighten the tension mounts. This gate can work well on bedroom and bathroom openings.

This essential child safety item has a rustic, contemporary fashion to compliment your home décor. It gives a stylish vibe due to its beautiful wood and sleek black finish that can suit your style. The Barn Door, Walk-Thru Safety Gate, is 30 in. tall and fits 29 in. – 43 in. wide.

It is simple for adults to use but not simple enough for a baby or pet to escape. This gate closes quietly with the auto-close hinge that won’t startle the baby.  For cleaning, purposes wash the gate with mild soap and warm water and dry thoroughly before using. The metal and plastic parts can be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth and dried with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents.

  • Color-coded self-closing
  • Great style
  • Solid feel
  • Quick install
  • Easy one-handed latch
  • It doesn’t fit all openings
  • Trip bar
  • Expensive

4. Retract-A-Gate


Retract-A-Gate is the original, 100% USA-made retractable safety-first baby gate.  This safety gate automatically winds up into a small roll when you don’t need it. You can install it at any angle. You can use it to block off a hallway, a staircase, a patio, or something else. Retract-A-Gate has a see-through mesh. This lets you know what is happening on the other side of the gate.

Retract-A-Gate is evaluated yearly for compliance with the American Safety Gates and Enclosures standards, ASTM F1004. As of 2021, Retract-A-Gate complies with ASTM F1004.

Retract-A-Gate can be used at the top and bottom of your staircase. This gate is certified for up to 200 pounds of push-out force and top and bottom stair use by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). If you are mounting the gate at the top of your stairs, ensure that the gate is at least 6 inches back from the top of the staircase.

Retract-A-Gate has a smooth and one-handed operation. It is quiet when opening and closing. The gate extends to 52,” and the durable mesh is 34″ tall. This gate is composed of environmentally friendly and safe materials. It has a childproof lock.

Retract-A-Gate offers inside and outside usage.  You can use it for the pet too. This bed has a durable construction. All exposed metal on the gate will not rust, and the mounting hardware is treated to resist rust.  Retract-A-Gate has scratch-resistant mesh. It is easily cleanable. You can easily clean this gate with only soap and water. You can also rub it with alcohol.

  • JPMA safety certification
  • It completely rolls up when not in use
  • Works on an angle
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable construction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pricier than other safety gate options

5. Safety 1st Extra Wide Doorways Fabric Baby and Pet Gate

If you are looking for a safety first baby gate that does not only provide you peace of mind but is also easy to use and convenient to carry all-around then safety 1st baby gate is a perfect option. With the pressure-mounted design, the gate is easy to install and remove wherever you want. The fabric material of the door stretches easily and can cover wide openings between 38 to 60 inches wide.

The fabric material baby gate has 6.9 pounds weight with 2” length, 6.5” Width, and 38.5” height. This baby and pet material is easy to clean, you can wash the fabric material in the machine. No drilling and tools installation protects your walls from damage. These safety baby gates can be used in doorways, stairways, hallways, and other up to 60” wide openings.

The soft translucent panel allows you to keep an eye on everything behind the door. This door not only ensures the safety of your child but is also a great addition to home décor with its attractive and decorative design. The most convenient feature of the door is that you can easily fold and carry this gate with you anywhere. The gate carrying bag is also available with the gate.

  • Sturdy adjustable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • No trip bars
  • Easy to carry & store
  • One-hand operation
  • Not suitable for large heavy pets
  • No extensions are available for wider openings

6. Cumber 40.6″ Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Cumber 40.6" Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Cumber provides “All Size safety first baby gate” and Accessories. All Gates offered by this brand support both pressure and drill installation. The Cumbor Extra Wide Top of Stairs Gate is extra wide for use at the top of stairs to protect your child from danger anytime. It is a durable, Safety Baby Gate with dimensions ranging from 29.5 to 40.6inches.  It is a large and wide baby gate. The 30.5 by 29.5-40.6-inch dimensions make this gate suitable for standard doors.

It is Safe for Baby. Your curious crawlers will be Inch blocked Inch by the baby gate at the top of the stairs because it is designed with the double-lock safety release, making it difficult for toddlers to open the gate. It is suitable for babies aged 6-36 months.

It possesses a durable design. The steel design baby gate can defend up to 150-pound impacts by Husky, Alaska, etc. You do not need to worry about the baby gate being pushed down and hurting your children. It is great for a family with a child and a pet. The Cumbor baby gate has a trip crossbar on the bottom to create opportunities for accidental tripping. 

It offers easy Installation. Using pressure mounts (suitable for non-critical locations) or hardware with wall cups for safety-critical areas like stairwells, you can install this gate. Simple pressure mounting is easy enough for a nanny to install for grandkids quickly without any help.  Its Pressure mount defends up to 210 pounds and installs in 5-10 minutes. The Hardware mount of this bed defends up to a max of 150 pounds and installs in 10-15 minutes.

This safety-first baby gate is perfect for stairs, hallway, doorways, and open spaces. It is free to go through from both sides. You have to ensure to measure the installation distance of the upper and lower walls is within 29.5-40.6 Inch if your wall isn’t flush or have baseboards.

  • Self-closing
  • Simple operation
  • Wide gate opening
  • Quick Installation
  • Durable
  • Two-way swinging
  • It doesn’t fit all openings
  • Trip bar

7. Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety Baby Gate

Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety Baby Gate

This warm and inviting stairway gate is easy to use and has a straightforward design. This safety-first baby gate mounts to the wall using screws. It has an attachment point you mount on the opposite wall or fence to lock the gate closed. The Summer Extra Tall Decor Safety Gate for the baby is perfect for doorways, hallways, and stairways. This 36″ tall baby gate fits openings 28″ to 38.25″ wide. It includes two extension frames.

It offers easy Installation. You can easily install this baby gate on stairways with the included kit or between hallways or doorways with a no-drill mount. You may need tools for hardware mounting. It requires Adult assembly.

This gate is very adjustable, with two parts sliding against one another for a custom fit instead of extensions that can be somewhat lacking. The gate opening is wide, and it swings both ways for easy pass-thru. When used between rooms, this baby gate has a simple, one-handed walk-thru door allowing parents to move easily from room to room. Its 20-inch wide door makes it easy to walk through.

It is a safe and secure baby gate. You can have peace of mind knowing your baby or pet can explore safely with this high-quality baby gate from summer. Its included door stopper will help provide extra security at the top of the stairs.

 You can childproof your home in style. It is a stylish baby gate. This decorative baby gate has a stylish gray finish and arched doorway. Standing 36″ tall, it is ideal for use with toddlers and pets.

You should limit the space under this gate when you mount it. Without the dreaded trip bar, little ones can potentially slide under the gate if you install it too high, which could be dangerous if you have stairs on the other side. 3

  • Opens both ways
  • Durable Wood construction
  • Easy Installation
  • Safe and secure
  • Stylish
  • One hand walk-thru
  • Cost-Effective
  • Must be hard-mounted for safety

8. Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

Munchkin, Inc. is dedicated to creating useful products that make parenting fun, easy, and enjoyable in our modern world. It offers the best baby gates for protecting your Child. Hardware mount baby gate is great for use at the top or bottom of stairs, hallways, and doorways.

When mounted, the gate measures 30-1/2 inches in height keeps babies, toddlers, and pets safe and secure. It extends between 26.5 to 40 inches wide and stands 30.5″ high. You can measure your desired opening before purchase to ensure a proper fit. It offers Easy Installation on Irregular Walls.

 The gate can accommodate openings from 26-1/2 to 40 inches, so it is ideal for use virtually anywhere in your home–from kitchen doorways to the top of the stairs. The gate swings open in both directions, and you can access virtually the entire width of the gate as a walkthrough.

 It possesses Indexed Sizing System that allows for quick and easy width adjustments with pre-set index positions. Its Integrated Tuning System adjusts for a perfect vertical fit even when walls aren’t level.  It offers a Quick-release wall mount that allows the gate to be removed quickly for high-traffic times or entertaining.

For security, it has a double-locking system on the handle that is easy for adults but difficult for children to use. The handle is integrated into the design for a sleek look. The gate latches shut with a simple push.

This safety-first baby gate is made from aluminum for durability and strength. This gate features a slim profile and contemporary, silver-toned finish that will fit your modern decor. It is JPMA Certified baby gate. It features Sleek, modern aluminum styling.  It is suitable for children 6 to 24 months. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.  You can use mild soap and wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning.

  • Durable wall-mount gate with aluminum construction and silver-toned finish
  • Slides in and out easily for entertaining or heavy traffic areas
  • Adjusts for vertical fit even with uneven walls
  • Double-lock handle latches with a simple push
  • Extra-wide walkthrough for heavy traffic areas
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Expensive

9. Safety 1st Easy Install Modern Farmhouse Gate

Safety 1st Easy Install Modern Farmhouse Gate

The Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall & Wide Baby Gate makes it simple to create child-friendly areas within your home. You can use it between rooms. This walkthrough gate makes it easy to get around the house, with no need to reinstall it each time you pass by.

This dream baby gate is designed to provide additional height protection and is great for homes with babies and pets. It is 29″- 37″ Wide and 28″ High. It is adjustable to fit wide doorways and openings ranging from 29 to 47 inches wide.

It offers Pressure-mounted, tool-free Installation that requires no drilling or hardware. This feature allows setting up this extra-wide baby gate quickly and easily indoors or in pass-through areas. The toll-free design makes for a quick and easy installation.

This safety-first baby gate possesses a modern design and color to blend within the home. It provides utmost security. Its Visual red/green indicator lets the parent know the gate is installed securely. It is suitable for indoor use only. Adults can easily open this gate with one hand, while the two-action handle remains tough for little fingers to release.

  • Pretty and Decorative modern design
  • Easy to open with one hand
  • Easy and quick Installation with Tool-free design
  • Provides Maximum Security
  • Visual red/green indicator
  • Adjustable length
  • Versatile
  • Extra-wide and Extra-tall
  • It doesn’t latch on its own
  • Expensive as compared to other baby gates


If you are looking for baby gates that provide maximum protection to your baby, then you can pick any one of the safeties mentioned above first baby gates. KidCo baby gates and Regalo baby gates can fulfill your safety requirements at a reasonable price. 

If you want such a safe first baby gate that You can use inside or outside, then Retract-A-Gate is the best option for you.

Pick the best safety-first baby gate and ensure the safety of your child!

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